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The Lindsay School of the Arts in October signed a 20-year lease with The City of Fort Pierce to renovate the former St. Anastasia Catholic School into a state of the art community arts program. The proposed three-year, $4 million renovation is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 and will more than triple the enrollment space. 

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1914,  St. Anastasia built

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St. Anastasia Catholic School was built in 1914 on Orange Avenue in Fort Pierce. It was built by James P. McNichol, a senator from Philadelphia who fished in Fort Pierce during the winter, for the pastor that rode into town once a month. Along with the masonry school, McNichol had built a wooden church, rectory, and convent.


1936,  first high school graduation

The first high school class was graduated. Tuition was three dollars a month during the 1930s, but the church absorbed the cost of children whose parents could not pay.


In the 1950s, there were about 400 families in the parish. School enrollment in 1951 was 201. The parish had 700 families. The elementary school had an enrollment of 700 students and the high school had 120.

The Miami Diocese sold the property for $120,000. 

1984, Demolition    

The church that had also stood on the city block occupied by the school was demolished in 1984. The old rectory and convent buildings have also been razed.

1978, sold    


2000, Historic Registry    

On August 10, 2000, the school was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

2014, New Roof    

After sustaining heavy damages from Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, the building was in a state of disrepair. In 2008, They found that building was originally constructed with no vertical reinforcing and that the roof, The existed steel trusses were reinforced with the addition of new steel trusses, and the roof was tied down to the three-floor elevations and ground below with a series of concrete helical piers.

In August 2014, all new windows were added to the school to celebrate its 100th birthday. Unfortunately, the building remains vacant to this day.

2019, new tenants   

The Lindsay School of the Arts in October signed a $10-a-year, 20-year lease with the city to renovate the former St. Anastasia Catholic School to then offer their performing and fine arts programs.

2020, design plans

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, LSA persevered in working. With the help of the Architect, Don Bergman and General Contractor, Charlie McEntee, they've added lights to the property as well as in July of 2020, LSA received the official design plans.





Dance Studios

Music Studio and Classroom

Art Classrooms

Theatre Classroom 

Creative Writing Classroom

Office Space 

Reception Area



Art Galleries

Museum Space

Public Library

Office Space

Conference Room

Reception Area 



Rehabilitated Auditorium


Event Venue

2020, GARDEN

LSA has partnered with Gardening with Goo and Revolutionary Garden in order to bring an outdoor garden venue including an outside amphitheater, 30+ garden bed seating, fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


October and November LSA hosted Clean Up Days and invited the community to come out to get their hands dirty and be a part of this project in its early phases.

Thank you St.Lucie County

We recently partnered with St.Lucie County Sheriffs Department Work Unit! Thank you guys for all your hard work and helping get another step closer!


Now you can! Click the link to see all the options you have to make this dream reality.

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