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Connecting with the Whole Child's mission is to build strong, healthy connections between adults and children in our community that will then create resilient and regulated families. We create early interventions, opportunities, tools, and safe outlets for adults and children to manage their emotions before responding to difficult behaviors/situations.  

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Connecting with the Whole Child (CWC) is the comprehensive social-emotional development component of LSA, including, but not limited to, workshops, seminars, and in-home mentoring. All components of our services utilize tools and structures of Conscious Discipline. Parent workshops and workshop series lay the foundation of the importance of social-emotional learning in the home setting, focusing on Conscious Discipline's 7 Powers of Adults: Power of Perception, Power of Unity, Power of Attention, Power of Free Will, Power of Acceptance, Power of Love, and the Power of Intention. The 7 powers for adults empower us to self-regulate, create long-term success by guiding us to become more conscious, at the moment, aware, and responsive to our needs and our children's needs. As well as Student-led support groups monthly, and bimonthly, male, female, and coed, Father support groups, Student Mentor Teaching in our Art Start Classes. Connection boxes are take-home boxes that include items and education to use at home to teach the 5 steps of self-regulating emotions. They are specifically designed to mimic Conscious Discipline's Safe Space structure.  



Anger & Rage (Tue. March 21st, 6pm)
Parent Party (Fri. April 28th, 6pm)

Current CWC Programs:

Monthly Fathers Meetings

Monthly Student Led Support Groups

Parent & Child Coaching

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