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Lindsay Kristen Pashkow was born on January 9,1993 at Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, Florida. At two days old, she was airlifted to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, where she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect known as Transposition of the Great Vessels and an ASD (atrial septal defect) and VSD (ventricular septal defect). She had open-heart surgery at 16 days old and stayed at Shands Childrenʼs Hospital for 3 months following the operation. She followed up every 3-6 months after the surgery at the pediatric clinic at Shands and continued to thrive until she developed symptoms of a failing heart valve. In February of 2004, Lindsay had her second open-heart surgery to repair the valve, but to no avail. They had to do an Aortic Valve Replacement in August of the same year, making it Lindsayʼs third open-heart surgery. She received a mechanical heart valve. “Lindsay was the bravest girl I knew. She didn't cry or say ‘why me?ʼ through all of this. She was always wearing a smile. She handled it better than we did! Her strength was insurmountable.” – Karen, Lindsayʼs Mom. Lindsayʼs valve continued to ‘tickʼ throughout her teenage years and young adult life. She graduated high school in May 2011 and packed her bags and moved to Gainesville, Florida where she attended Santa Fe College. She aspired to be a nurse in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and was taking courses to meet the prerequisites for nursing school. She held a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Pediatrics Emergency Room at the same hospital in which she received all three of her open heart surgeries- Shands Childrenʼs Hospital. In fact, she worked alongside Nurse Connie Nixon, her nurse since birth, and often sheʼd cross paths in the hall with Dr. Fricker, her Cardiologist, both whom she loved and adored. Lindsay also attended a camp during her youth, known as Camp Boggy Creek, which is a camp that aims to “foster a spirit of joy by creating a free, safe and medically-sound camp environment that enriches the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families.” She attended as a camper from the age of 6-18, and then continued to attend camp after as a Leader in Training (LIT) – otherwise known as a camp counselor who was paired up with a family. One could say her life went full circle, even at the early/delicate age of 21 years young. Lindsay gained her angel wings on August 13, 2014. She passed suddenly from a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 21. Lindsay touched so many lives and left such everlasting memories for all who had the honor of knowing her during her short time here on earth. Lindsay had a rich life full of love and laughter, regardless of her ailment. She refused to let it define her. She lived for her family- family was everything to her... And friends- friends were like family. She nurtured her relationships and held them dear with awareness of lifeʼs fragility. She loved the ocean, especially deep-sea fishing! Equally, she loved the Jonas Brothers and her puppy Marley… 

To know Lindsay...was to love Lindsay ❤

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